MailChimp - An Introduction (Part 1 of 7)

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MailChimp - An Introduction (Part 1 of 7)

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In this series of articles I will walk through the process of configuring the integration and testing out a first MailChimp campaign driven through the Sage CRM user interface.

I found it very easy to create, send, and track email marketing campaigns. The results from the campaign are shown within Sage CRM and you can see how many people opened the email and exactly what they clicked.  MailChimp's offering is very attractive to those customer just starting out with email based campaigns as it is free for subscriber lists of up to 2,000 contacts. You can see the pricing here:

The Integration Features

The integration allows users to:

  • Push their Sage CRM contacts into MailChimp
  • Quickly and easily create new targeted email marketing campaigns in Sage CRM
  • Send the campaign and automatically add a communication record to the relevant records in Sage CRM
  • View a list of sent MailChimp campaigns in Sage CRM and gain valuable insight into the results - opens, clicks, bounces and more
  • Segment lists and create groups based on responses for future campaigns

The next articles will look at

How to get MailChimp ready for the integration (Generate the API keys and setup a mail List).

  • Jeff,

    In your Integration Features bullet points above you include the following feature:

    "Send the campaign and automatically add a communication record to the relevant records in Sage CRM"

    When we create MailChimp campaigns and send the email blast out, it is not automatically creating a communication record to the relevant records in CRM.  To be clear, CRM users are expecting the communication records to appear in the communications tab of each person the email was sent to, along with related info like the campaign name, email subject, etc.

    Am I missing something, or is this functionality that is coming in a future release?

  • Hey Don,

    Yes, it does, with the on-premise this is synced on the full sync nightly.  With the Sage CRM Cloud the communication is created when the campaign is sent to MailChimp.  If you are not running the server all the time, i.e. demo image.  Then this sync may never be happening.  There are settings in the metadata that allow for this full sync to be done more frequently.  I am not sure exactly which article speaks to this but I believe Jeff has written an article around this topic on the Sage CRM Community site.  

    I hope this helps.

  • Just a note for anyone having a similar issue.  The company: business email field must be included in the group for the "Send to mailchimp" button to appear on the groups page.

  • Hi

    When I try and create a new Campaign within CRM it doesn't seem to mak the group available in order to create the campaign

  • Ruann

    I am not sure I understand your problem.  Could you post a question in the forum and we can discuss this there.