MailChimp - An Introduction (Part 3 of 7)

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MailChimp - An Introduction (Part 3 of 7)

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In this third article of the series I want to consider the how to use a MailChimp API Key and List ID to configure the integration within Sage CRM.

You will need to log onto Sage CRM and navigate to

Administration -> Email and Documents

You just need to enter the API Key you generated in MailChimp and the List ID to which you wish to send the Sage CRM contacts.

Once that is saved successfully you can review the information.

The configuration will have made a few automatic changes in the system including the addition of the MailChimp campaign option within the 'My CRM' menu.

In the next article I will look at authorizing additional users to access the MailChimp features.

  • When i enter my API key and List ID, i receive an error message that the key or list ID is invalid? Even tho i am copy and pasting directly from the MailChimp website. Any thoughts?

  • If you are copying and pasting from the MailChimp window that you are not copying stray characters.  Is this an install of Sage CRM that has never previously been integrated with MailChimp? Have you been able to independently test the API key and List ID?

  • I am also getting the message - You entered an invalid API key or List ID. Please ensure that your API key and List ID are correct and then click Save. I have checked there are no stray characters and this is the first time we are doing the integration. How would I test the API Key and List ID?

  • My hunch is that either your firewall or an AV program is blocking or interfering with the communication.  That is assuming that both the API key and List ID are correct.

    You should be able to see the traffic being sent from CRM using a tool like Telerik Fiddler.

    You can test the test the MailChimp API key directly using the MailChimp REST API.

  • If you get invalid list messages, you possibly have not activated your account when you received the email with the activation link from Mailchimp