MailChimp - An Introduction (Part 5 of 7)

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MailChimp - An Introduction (Part 5 of 7)

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In this fifth article of the series I will describe how to create a Group in Sage CRM and add it as a segment to a MailChimp list.

The place to start is within the Groups screen within the 'My CRM' menu.

I have created a static group called 'Example MailChimp List' and included several contacts. I made sure that the contacts had email addresses that I could access and open and click into to see how MailChimp and Sage CRM would report those interactions.

In integrated systems, users with rights to use the MailChimp feature will see a button on the group page called 'Send to MailChimp'.

Clicking that button will send the Sage CRM group to MailChimp where it will be added as a segment to the list that was used in the original configuration of the integration.

Once we have done that we can create the MailChimp Campaign in Sage CRM and send it to MailChimp. The next article will cover those steps.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I am not able to find  next article i.e 6 & 7

  • Articles 6 and 7 have not yet been published.  I am still writing them!

  • After a group has been sent to MailChimp and added as a segment, will a new person (email address) added to a dynamic list automatically be added to that segment?  If yes, how often does the segment update?  Every hour?  Is there a way to on demand refresh the segment with new additions?

  • Jeff,

    I followed all steps leading up to this article and I was "successful" in setting up the integration. At least according to the Mail Chimp screen in the admin section. After I loaded the API Key and the List ID it congratulated me. First thing I noticed though is that there are no contacts in the list in Mail Chimp. Is this because it is looking at the current users Contacts on their Contact tab? I assumed it would load the CRM database or something else.

    So my CRM MailChimp list has 0 contacts (because the user had no contacts?) after setup. I went to groups and followed the above steps to add a group as a "section" of this CRM list. I grabbed a list and clicked Send to Mail Chimp. The system tells me it's sending them but nothing happens. No error message or anything to indicate it's not happening. Left alone a list with 10 companies displayed the Group is being sent to MailChimp blue bar for 45mins. Nothing.

    Tech support can not help with this as they are not familiar with the MailChimp integration. Not sure who can help trouble shoot. My client upgraded to v7.3 specifically to use MailChimp and I would like to get this figured out for them. Thoughts, suggestions, random words of encouragement?