Almost everything you wanted to know about Search Select Advanced Fields (A round up about lookups)

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Almost everything you wanted to know about Search Select Advanced Fields (A round up about lookups)

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Search Select Advanced Fields are Sage CRM's powerful lookup field type that allows child records to be linked to parents to ensure referential integrity. A user can search for records within an entry screen just by typing in a few letters into searchbox, click the search select advanced icon, and then select the option from the search matches. that are displayed underneath the field.

Below are the links to the key articles that have been written about working with this type of fields.

Using Meta Data to change the behaviour of the Search Select Advanced

Search Select Advanced fields in the mobile optimised client

Search Select Advanced fields in code

Do let me know if you think I have missed anything out.

  • There's one question left for me. After you choose a - f.e. - Company from an advanced search field (like in a new communication) there's always their full phone number under the advanced search field.

    How can i change the shown data when i select a company? Like, i additionally want it to show e-mail etc.! Where can i change that?

    Thanks for any hints and informations!

  • Hi Jeff,

    We have a problem when updating SSA field in ASP page. Like:

    txCourseRun = eWare.CreateRecord("CourseRun");


    txCourseRun.corrun_runcode = "ABC";



    corrun_runcode is the SSA field.

    The "ABC" exists in the source table.

    It seems that the system stopped on the line code and then throw error page 500.

    I've searched from the article collection about this, but I couldn't find it.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I found the solution.

    It was a mistake on my side.

    The SSA field only accept a field id (numeric).

    Thank you.

  • I would like to get the selected value from a screen field defined as Advanced Search when i run a On change script so as to perform an other action but i get no value.

  • You should be able to read the value of a field using


  • At which point can I intercept the sql of the view that is executed by the search function of a custom ssa field ? I changed the dotnet code in the EntitySearchPage by filling: ResultsGrid.SelectSQL="...". That works when I call this method from the system menu "find". But this is not the code that is executed when I use the popup search window from the SSA field. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Have a look at this article

  • Has this article moved?  The link seems to be broken:

  • The article was removed because it described a technique that was too old to be useful.  It was using browser specific code.