A round up of essential articles about configuring the Advanced E-Mail Manager

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A round up of essential articles about configuring the Advanced E-Mail Manager

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When enabled, the CRM E-mail Management service runs as a background process on the CRM server and processes inbound and outbound e-mails according to predefined business rules. The E-Mail Manager functionality is available whether you use CRM’s embedded E-Mail Editor or Microsoft Outlook to handle outbound mail. It is also available for transferring information from inbound mails in your Outlook mail box into your CRM system.

The E-mail Management functionality is installed automatically with any CRM installation. E-mail Management requires the completion of some setup tasks by the System Administrator to enable it for use.

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  • Probably a very naive question.  Today we utilize the communications.js script to create communications.  Is there a way to configure it or some of the rule sets to notify the person that sent the email to the bcc address that their email failed to file?  

  • Jake

    It's not a na├»ve question.  Have a look at this article.  It is quite an old one but it does cover the problems of getting acknowledgement of a 'read receipt' community.sagecrm.com/.../read-receipt-for-email-sent-from-sage-crm.aspx