Switching from Swiftpage to MailChimp

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Switching from Swiftpage to MailChimp

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If you want to switch your Emarketing solution from Swiftpage to MailChimp, you must first disable Swiftpage. To do this, run the DisableSwiftpage component to delete any Swiftpage data in the SQL tables. You can then set up a MailChimp integration.

If you were using MailChimp, then switched to Swiftpage, and now want to switch back to MailChimp, you can run the DisableSwiftpage component to delete the Swiftpage data. You might switch back and forth between Emarketing solutions for demonstration purposes. Be aware that the component deletes the original MailChimp data including the API Key and the List ID. So although you'll be able to view legacy MailChimp data including statistics and campaign information, you won't be able to work with the data because it's linked to the original MailChimp integration. 





  • Hi Please tell me how and where to run these files

  • Hi Vishal

    You can find information about uploading and installing components in the System Administrator Help.




  • Hi Emma,

    but what if I want to switch from Swiftpage to MailChimp and want to keep the campaign results from Swiftpage mailings (clicks, opens, bounces etc.) visible? Can I still create a group of contacts who clicked a link in a Swiftpage campaign, after I switched to MailChimp?



  • Hi Lars

    Apologies for the late reply to your question.

    If you create a group of contacts in Sage CRM based on Swiftpage campaign results BEFORE you disable Swiftpage, you will be able to see the Sage CRM groups after you disable Swiftpage and switch to MailChimp. However, if you disable Swiftpage and then attempt to create a group of contacts in Sage CRM based on Swiftpage data, you may be unable to do so because the Swiftpage data will no longer be accessible.

    To help me better understand the scenario that you're working with, please could you provide screengrabs or details of the Swiftpage screens containing the data that you want to base the groups on?



  • Hi, the Disable Swiftpage component didn't work for me.  It deleted all the users, but the account is still Active, so can't get MailChimp installed.  Any advice? Thanks!

  • Hi Ann

    Are you using Sage CRM 7.3 SP3? If so, you can disable Swiftpage and enable MailChimp Integration from within Sage CRM.

    Click  | Administration | Email and Documents | SwiftPage E-marketing | Disable Integration. It's important to back up the SQL database before you use this option because it might corrupt Swiftpage data in the SQL tables.

    Then click  | Administration | Email and Documents | MailChimp Integration and set up the integration.

    This help topic has more information:




  • Hi Ann

    If you have not yet upgraded to Sage CRM 7.3 SP3 and have no immediate plans to do so, (and therefore need to use the DisableSwiftpage component) please could you log a support case about the issue you're experiencing with the component? Please can you include any changes you've made to the component and outline the steps that you took when applying the componet. Thanks!