Workflow is very powerful but one of the limitations is that Follow Up Actions, such as 'Create Task' or 'Create Appointment' can not be invoked on Primary Rules.

Note:  The action 'Create Appointment' is new for Sage CRM 7.3 sp3.

This means that if a business rule states that a task or an appointment must be created as an Opportunity or Case is inserted then this Communication must be inserted using another mechanism.

If we need to create a communication as the workflow primary rule saves the new record then we can uses a Post Insert event function of a Table level script on the opportunity (or other) entity.

We will have to:

  • Get the newly create opportunity details
  • Create a new communication record
  • Add the details to the communication
  • Save the communication
  • Create a communication link record
  • Add the details to the communication link record
  • Save the comm_link record

Below is some sample code.

var newOppoRecord = CRM.FindRecord("opportunity",WhereClause);
var intOppoID = newOppoRecord.oppo_opportunityid;
var intOppoUserID = newOppoRecord.oppo_assigneduserid;
var intPersID = newOppoRecord.oppo_primarypersonid;
var intCompID = newOppoRecord.oppo_primarycompanyid;
var PersRecord = CRM.FindRecord("person","pers_personid="+intPersID);
var CompRecord = CRM.FindRecord("company","comp_companyid="+intCompID);
var intChannelID = CRM.GetContextInfo('user','user_primarychannelid');

var strMsg ="";
strMsg = "Please call ";
strMsg += PersRecord.pers_firstname +" ";
strMsg += PersRecord.pers_lastname+" of ";
strMsg += CompRecord.comp_name+ " regarding ";
strMsg + =newOppoRecord.oppo_description;

var CommRecord = CRM.CreateRecord("Communication");
CommRecord.Comm_ChannelId = intChannelID;
CommRecord.Comm_Type = 'Task';
CommRecord.Comm_Action = 'ToDo';
CommRecord.Comm_Status = 'Pending';
CommRecord.Comm_Priority = 'Normal';
CommRecord.Comm_Note = strMsg;
CommRecord.Comm_Description = strMsg;
CommRecord.comm_opportunityid = intOppoID;

var intCommID = CommRecord.comm_communicationid;
var CmLiRecord = CRM.CreateRecord('comm_link');
CmLiRecord.CmLi_Comm_UserId = intOppoUserID; CmLiRecord.CmLi_Comm_CommunicationId = intCommID;
CmLiRecord.CmLi_Comm_PersonId = intPersID;
CmLiRecord.CmLi_Comm_CompanyId = intCompID;