Out of the box, Sage CRM provides users with an interface that is fully translated into English, French, Spanish, and German. We can add any number of additional languages to Sage CRM and in order to demonstrate this capability, we have added a new library of language packs to the download section of the Community.

The new language packs are

  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Simplified Chinese

You can find the language packs here. https://community.sagecrm.com/partner_community/m/languagepacks/default.aspx

Note: You will need to have partner rights to access the components.

The language packs can be installed like any Sage CRM component and when run within the component manager will add a partial set of translations for each language. This is not a complete translation of the interface nor is it a localization of Sage CRM. There will be some parts of the interface that are not translated and there will be some resources unavailable.  But having said that, these will be great for demos and providing a quick start at a translated system.

Each component can be installed on top of an existing CRM installation and will populate the Sage CRM translation table (custom_captions) with the new language translations. The component can be installed onto any language installation of Sage CRM but assumes that the administrator is working in English.

The component has been created to support the training that we provide to developers and to specifically to demonstrate how the component manager can be used to deliver language customizations. Because of that, we have made the assumption that you will install these partial translations on an uncustomized system where default English language translations and captions have not been changed.