Labelling browser tabs to make demos and development easier

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Labelling browser tabs to make demos and development easier

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When demoing Sage CRM or working on a customisation it is very normal for a consultant to open up several browser tabs each one displaying a CRM screen produced by a separate logon.  You may be working on customisation around security so need to have one tab to show the screen the System Administrator (Admin) sees, another to show the Sales Managers screen (Susan Maye) and a 3rd for the Support Manager (Kylie Ward).  

This little trick makes it easier to keep track of which users screen is displayed in which tab.

In the image above you can see that I have changed the Title of each browser tab.  Rather than display the name of the action, instead to displays the name of the user.

I have achieved this using a very simple JavaScript file dropped into the custom script folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\[installname]\WWWRoot\js\custom

I called my file "zzzzSageCRMTraining_DisplayUser.js.

It really very simple only containing the following JavaScript.

crm.ready(function () {
//function script goes here
document.title = CurrentUser.user_displayname;

This will write the name of the CurrentUser into the title property of the browser tab when ever a page is loaded.  This is very simple but it makes my life easier when preparing training material.  Let me know if you find it helpful in your work.

  • Very cool script!  This will definitely make my demos easier to follow.

  • Hi Jeff.. oh very clever!  Yes, I agree.. makes testing and demoing far easier to manage (and remember who you are logged in as!).