Sage CRM offers a very neat integration with MailChimp.

Within an integrated system, contacts that were originally brought into Sage CRM from a Sage business management solution such as Sage 200cloud or Sage 300cloud can, in turn, be included in a group that can be exported to a MailChimp list. Those contacts become MailChimp subscribers within a static segment. This static segment can then be used for the creation of a Campaign. By starting the campaign definition from within Sage CRM we are able to have the responses and interaction with the mailshot synced back into Sage CRM. All this has been discussed in other articles about the integration.

The emails that are composed and distributed to subscribers within MailChimp are also provided as a webpage archive. This allows subscribers to decide to open the message in their browser rather than the email client. MailChimp allows the link to this archive to be 'Tweeted' and posted onto a Facebook page.

As you can see this is done within the 'setup' step of the Campaign. In the example below I have added a campaign specific hashtag.

This is important because we can now not only monitor interactions with the email but we can also observe the interactions with the social media posts. You can see this on Twitter of course.

But the Twitter component offered by Sage CRM allows us to save a search for a hashtag or phrase and then take action on those tweets.

This ability of Sage CRM to use data from a Sage accounting system to drive and monitor an eMarketing campaign that combines both email and social media opens up huge opportunities.