A component to add 'Companies' and 'People' tabs to the My CRM Menu

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A component to add 'Companies' and 'People' tabs to the My CRM Menu

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A new component has been added to the Example Components & Developer Resources (All Versions) download section.  The new component will add two new tabs to the My CRM menu.  The tabs will display the Companies and People assigned to the logged on user. 

  • Nice add, very timely for something we had started working on.  I assume we can modify the columns and filters as usual?

  • Yes. These can be changed.  To keep the component as small as possible I used the existing Company and Person lists and screens.  Because they are reused items you would need to think about what was changed.  But if this is a useful feature then left me know how you want this enhanced and I will add 'update' the component.