The Sage CRM Community has additional resources to help partners. These include a spreadsheet that lists the main metadata and database changes that have been made between Sage CRM 2018 R1 and Sage CRM 2018 R2.  You can download this from the Example Downloads and Components folder.  You'll need to have the correct admin rights on the community access this and so if you are a partner and think you should see this then please contact to request access.

Note: These changes are largely connected with enabling easy management of contact consent.

It covers in detail

  • Any New Tables
  • New Views
  • What Columns have been added to Existing Tables
  • Any New ScreenObjects
  • And System Parameters added to the system

There are a small number of important changes to the database and metadata that you need to know about.

There is a New Table "ConsentManagement".

A few New Views: vConsentManagement, vContactMailchimpCampaigns, vConsentedPerson & vConsentedLeads (these last two views gather a list of person or leads who have actually responded giving  consent)

And some New Columns in Existing Tables

  •   pers_integratedsystems (person table)
  •   comp_integratedsystems (company table)

2 New ScreenObjects

  •   ConsentManagementEntryScreen
  •   ConsentManagementList

And some New System Parameters

  •   QuickFindResult
  •   XSSFilterList

The new features will be discussed in other articles.