A customer had the requirement to change the way in which the Billing and Shipping addresses were displayed when an Order was created.

Consider this screen

You can see that the addresses are displayed in two fields, orde_shipaddress and orde_billaddress.

The orde_shipaddress and orde_billaddres are included in the Order summary screen (OrderSummary) found under

Administration -> Customisation -> Orders

These are both defined in metadata as Multiline Text fields.  This is the same type of field the note/details field in opportunities or cases.  These fields don't have any formatting controls associated with them.

The data for these fields come from the addresses that are associated with the Company for which the Order is being created.

The format of the address is defined by the screen AddressBoxShort defined under

Administration -> Customisation -> Address

Note:  The screen AddressBoxShort draws its data from the view vAddress which include a derived field 'addr_street'.

Addr_street is a concatenation of several address fields.

ISNULL(Addr_Address1, '') + '
' + ISNULL(Addr_Address2, '') + '
' + ISNULL(Addr_Address3, '') + '
' + ISNULL(Addr_Address4, '') + '
' + ISNULL(Addr_Address5, '') AS Addr_Street

The default arrangement is 


If you change this arrangement then the address will reflect the change in the Billing and Shipping addresses.

Changing the AddressBoxShort will impact everywhere this screen is used including the Company and Person Summary screens.