This is a new short series of articles that explore the options available to a partner when moving a customer from Sage CRM Cloud edition ( to Sage CRM on premise.

New subscriptions to the Sage CRM Cloud edition have not been accepted for some years. Although the two editions or versions of Sage CRM (Cloud and On-Premise) had the same origin they have been developed as differing products. They have had separate code bases for many years. The Cloud edition has diverged from the On-Premise product substantially. The interface is different, the user navigation and screens are different. There is also a completely different approach to customization whether that is when new entry types are used for new fields or how new custom entities may be added to the system. These differences mean that the database of a cloud edition could not just be swapped over to work with an On-Premise edition.

Before going any further I need to be clear that it would be the customer and their partner that would be responsible for the migration of data from a Cloud edition instance. Sage Support can help with the download of customer data but can not then help with the migration. There are, however, 3rd parties and 3rd party tools available (often known as “load & transform”) that can enable the data to be transferred into a new, on-premise, installation of Sage CRM if required. And although I have talked about on-premise Sage CRM being the destination the actual deployment options for Sage CRM On-Premise can be another hosted environment.

So what do we need to consider if you have a customer using Sage CRM Cloud edition who wants to move their data to an On-Premise instance of Sage CRM? Below are the questions that the articles over the next few weeks will address.

  • What does a typical cloud implementation look like? What is the typical database size?
    • Partners should understand the size of the problem and the opportunity. Getting a sense of typical system can help with planning especially when they may be several customers that need to be migrated and it is desirable to standardise the approach.

  • What are the options for extracting the data from an instance of Sage CRM cloud edition?
    • This article will consider two broad options. I will look of using the Web Services to extract data from the live Cloud instance versus the database and document download facility.

  • What do we need to migrate?
    • Any project needs to consider its scope with time and resources that available. For the migration of the Cloud edition to on-premise we need to take quite a cold hard look at what needs to be brought across whether
      that is Business Data, Documents, Custom Entities and Business Rules.

  • What are the physical differences between a Sage CRM Cloud Edition database and a Sage CRM on-premise database?
    • You can not just expect to slap a Cloud edition database within an on-premise install and expect things to work. We need to look at the differences in data structures and objects in order to understand the work that needs to be carried out to all the migration to succeed.

  • How will we maintain data integrity?
    • How will do you maintain the integrity of data especially referential integrity as the data moves from one database to another? We want to be able to ensure that all communications, opportunities, notes etc all remain the children of the correct company and person entities and that no orphaned or widowed records are created.

  • How can customizations be migrated?
    • This article will explore will look at the practicalities of bringing new fields and custom entities to the destination system.

  • What is the destination?
    • But what is the destination? I will look at the deployment possibilities for Sage CRM on-premise edition; Private, Public, or Virtual Cloud.

  • 3rd Party options and partner expertise.
    • This last article will look at the different migration tools and services that are available within the party community. And of course please feel free to let me know of any that you think should be included in my article.

Migrating a database to an instance of Sage CRM 2018 R3

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