This is the second article within a short series that explores the options available to a partner when moving a customer from Sage CRM Cloud edition ( to Sage CRM on premise.

In this article I want to address a couple of questions; What does a typical cloud implementation look like? What is the typical database size?

If we are faced with a task such as migrating one or more customers from one implementation of Sage CRM to another it will stand us in good stead to understand what counts as a typical implementation. Getting a sense of typical system can help with planning especially when they may be several customers that need to be migrated and it is desirable to standardise the approach.

Sage CRM Cloud edition instances typically range between 2 to 30 users with the average number of users being 4.8 users.

The default size of a Sage CRM database is 70Mb. The Sage CRM database holds both the application data and the metadata that describes the system. As a system is used and it grows as customizations are made there will be some increase in the size of the database due to changes to the meta data but the most significant growth will be in the growth of the application data.

The average (mean) size of a Sage CRM cloud database is 200Mb. This is true whether we are talking about Essentials or Professional editions.

The system database sizes are distributed in a bell curve around this mean. Approximately 90% of all systems have databases smaller than 400MB. The longer a system has been in use and the greater the number of users that registered within the system will lead to larger database sizes. A few systems are outliers;  there are about 10% of all instances having a database size between 400MB to 900Mb but only 1% having a database greater the 1GB.

The last thing to consider is the total size of the storage for the system. This is the size of the documents that have been stored in the library along with the database. These files would be merged and uploaded documents included those stored as email attachments.

The Essentials edition is limited to 2 GB and the Professional edition to 5GB so any migration project will need to be prepared to handle the potential library storage requirements.

In the next article, I will consider the different options for extracting the data and the files from an instance of Sage CRM cloud edition and starting the process of migration.