This is the ninth and final part of my short series of articles that explores the options available to a partner when moving a customer from Sage CRM Cloud edition ( to Sage CRM on premise.

The last article considered the deployment possibilities for Sage CRM on-premise edition and explored the implementation of Sage CRM on-premise, within a private cloud and in a managed public cloud environment.

In this article, I want to look at some of the 3rd Party options and partner expertise available to customers and consider the different migration tools and services that can be used.

In my previous articles, I have described basic approaches to data migration.

We have seen that Sage CRM installs use standard SQL Server Identity which means that importing or migrating the data from the old Cloud database to an empty on-premise database should be straightforward. We have also seen that migration allows us to address questions of data quality, this is a big job that needs to be done before carrying out the import.

You will need to make sure that the referential integrity is maintained. That is both that child records where necessary have valid foreign key information and that parental records have whatever necessary child records associated with them. You do not want to import addresses that are not associated with companies and you do not want to import companies without addresses.

If you are a partner helping several customers migrate then you may well be happy to create your own tools (scripts and routines) to help in the process but where you do not want to face reinventing the wheel, you may wish to consider using a tool created by a partner.

Tools that I know that have been used for data migration projects are

Starfish ETL



Other partners such as Greytrix (, My CRM Manager (, Azamba ( and Qmulus ( offer data migration consultancy. This list is not exhaustive and I am sure you will want to suggest others in the comments below.

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