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Example Components & Developer Resources (All Versions) 93
Additional SDK Examples This folder contains additional SDK example components. These are provided for educational purposes only and there is no warranty or liability of any kind. These components must not be installed on a live system. 5
Business Partner Sales Tools 13
General Development Resources (All Versions) 11
Sage CRM Connector for Sage X3 5
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Sage CRM 2020 R1: SOAP Web Services Test Harness

This is a Visual Studio C# project that shows how each of the main SOAP web services methods can be used...
Posted to: Example Components & Developer Resources (All Versions)
by 24

Code Sample: Clone Person and Switch Company (Sage CRM 2020 R1)

This sample ASP page will add the ability to clone a person and assign the record to a new company. To...
Posted to: Example Components & Developer Resources (All Versions)
by 18

Component: Update MailMergeRelatedInfo for Nested Mail Merge. (Sage CRM 2020)

This component will add two ASP pages into the system that will allow easier editing of the MailMergeRelatedInfo...
Posted to: Example Components & Developer Resources (All Versions)
by 45

Component: Suppress Display of Duplicate Meeting Records in Company and Person Context (Sage CRM 2020)

In the standard system if the users Susan Maye and Kylie Ward both attended the same meeting with Kieran...
Posted to: Example Components & Developer Resources (All Versions)
by 52

Component: Create Admin Report showing Reports & Charts(Sage CRM 2020)

This component adds a report under the Administrator Reports category called "Reports with Charts"...
Posted to: Example Components & Developer Resources (All Versions)
by 52