This component will add the meta data needed to allow a case to be related to another case in a parent child relationship. These 'Sub' or Child cases will be removed from the main list blocks. For example you will not see sub - cases listed directly under the Company tab context. A tab will be added to the Case tabgroup that will list all the sub cases for that parental case. It is assumed that the sub cases will belong to the same company and person context as the parental case.

It adds the following:

1) A new field case_parentcaseid to the cases table.
2) It adds the new field to the screen CasesWebPicker.
3) The view vListCases is altered to remove the display of sub cases.
4) A new view vChildCaseList is created to list subcases.
5) A new List block ChildCaseList is added that is based on the new view.
6) The case tabgroup has a new RunBlock action added to call the ChildCaseList block and display the sub cases under a parental case.