This is a Visual Studio C# project that shows how each of the main SOAP web services methods can be used. It is a teaching aid that is used in training classes to provide simple examples of data retrieval and data update.

NOTE:  This application assumes that the values of drop-down boxes are returned as strings.  This can be changed within the Web Services configuration screen.

Administration → System → Web Services

The project has been revised and updated for Sage CRM 2020 R1.

Examples within the project show how the following can be accomplished:

  • Logon and Log Off
  • Check the version of Sage CRM
  • Dynamically change the connection string
  • Retrieve Current User information
  • Insert a New Company (and associated Person, Phone, E-mail and Address records)
  • Find Company by ID using queryentity()
  • Find a Person by E-mail address using query()
  • Find Companies using queryrecord()
  • Find Companies using query()
  • Find Companies using queryidnodate()
  • Handle dropdown lists
  • Edit Company Data
  • Insert an additional address for a company using add()
  • Insert a communication and comm_link record for a company using add()
  • Insert an opportunity for a company using addrecord()
  • Insert an additional person for a company using add()
  • Delete a company using delete()
  • Insert a disabled user using addresource()
  • List tables exposed to web services using getallmetadata()
  • List fields of a table using getallmetadata()
  • Use metadata information to deduce relationships in database