The SData 1.1 Standard provides a comprehensive query language. Sage CRM allows the use of SData within SData gadgets where feeds from external Sage applications can be consumed. It also provides read only SData feeds that allows data from Sage CRM tables and views to be accessed.

The SData query language provides for the filtering of data using a where query parameter.

The Anatomy of an SData URL is documented here:

The documentation referenced above covers topics such as paging and controlling the collections of data returned.

The query language conditions are explained here:

The SData conditions are used within the Sage CRM 7.2 and Sage CRM 2014 R1 client side API as part of the Ajax capabilities

The file provided here contains Sage CRM specific examples of the use of the SData query language conditions.


  • http://localhost/sdata/crmj/sagecrm/-/person?where=concat(pers_firstname, pers_lastname) eq 'William Agnew'
  • http://localhost/sdata/crmj/sagecrm/-/company?where=comp_updateddate gt @2014-03-14@
  • http://localhost/sdata/crmj/sagecrm/-/company?startIndex=1&count=10&where=comp_name like 'A%' or comp_name like 'C%'
  • http://localhost/sdata/crmj/sagecrm/-/quoteitems?where=quit_productid gt 3 and quit_productid le 10

Note: The examples in the file assume that the instance of Sage CRM being used is called 'CRM' and is being referenced locally.