The file that can be downloaded from here "Sage CRM - Managing the Customer Requirement" contains 3 PDF documents

  • Managing the customer requirement process.pdf
  • Sage CRM Developer Case Study 2014.pdf
  • Sage CRM Developer Case Study 2014 - Guide.pdf

Managing the customer requirement process.pdf

This is set of slides used to talk people through the background information needed to be able to complete the Case Study used at the Sage Vision conference held in Penang, Malaysia in October 2014.

 Sage CRM Developer Case Study 2014.pdf

This document layout the business requirements of a fictitious company called 'OhmCare Electrical Waste Management'.  The case study was designed to follow on from initial training that will have introduced the implementation, configuration and customization of Sage CRM. This case study will build on that knowledge and lead students through a realistic project and provide participants with the opportunity to gain confidence in their skills.

It will allow participants to discuss how the features of Sage CRM can be mapped to a customer’s business model. It will explore how best use can be made of a corporate website and how features such as Web to lead and Self Service can help a customer. The case study will also lead participants in the customization of mobile optimized screens so that staff at custom sites can have access to their work and be able to make live changes to the system.

Sage CRM Developer Case Study 2014 - Guide.pdf

During the conference the case study was presented over 8 sessions and this document provides further hints tips and tricks.  After working through the Case Study participants should have a good understanding of the strengths of Sage CRM and be confident in proceeding with their own customer projects.