The new version is compatible with Sage CRM versions 2021 R1, 2020 R2, and 2020 R1 and provides the following enhancements:

A) A new icon for custom entities.

The icon is provided in various dimensions in the following files:

  • CompLink.gif
  • EntityIcon.gif
  • PersLink.gif
  • RelatedEntityIcon.gif
  • SmallEntityIcon.gif
  • SummaryEntityIcon.gif

B) A new warning. When the wizard is run, it displays a warning stating that irreversible changes will be made to the Sage CRM database structure.

C) Consistent top content layout. The top content area of screens created with the wizard now follows the same layout as the standard Sage CRM entity screens: each of the Name, Company, and Person fields is located on a new line.