These are the Developer Program (DPP) include files

  • accpaccrmdpp.vbs
  • accpaccrmdpp.js
  • accpaccrmnolangdpp.js
  • sagecrmdpp.vbs
  • sagecrmnolangdpp.js
  • sagecrmdpp.js

Members of the Sage CRM Developer Program get a different set of include files to allow components containing classic ASP pages to work correctly in systems that lack the Extensibility or Enterprise Integration Server (EIS) license.

sagecrmdpp.js - This is the default JavaScript include file for Developer Program members. It allows you to run asp files on the standard installs.

sagecrmdppNoLang.js - This is the same as above but without the language attribute. The developer defines the language in use on each page or in the IIS configuration for the sub-web of which their product is installed.

sagecrmdpp.vbs - This provides the same functions as the JavaScript version for extensions written in visual basic.

A Developer Program member should include the appropriate files in their third-party components/installs. These files are supplied to Sage CRM Developer Program members only. They will enable classic ASP extensions to run on Sage CRM installs that lack the Enterprise Integration Server (EIS) element within their license. Extensions using the standard sagecrm.js will not run on systems without EIS.

For one-off customizations, the client must have the Enterprise Integration Server (EIS). These customizations must reference the standard sagecrm.js file.