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  • Forum Thread: Chart Duplication

    hi all, this chart give me duplicate data i cant solve it any help ???????????and the code shown var strSQL = "select count(mesh_membershipid) as 'mycount', 'Class 1000' as 'mytype' from membership where mesh_class=0 union select count(mesh_membershipid) as 'mycount'...
  • Forum Thread: Access base Field .NET

    I have the base screen in .net sage crm how can i access the field in the screen???????????? and give it caption or onchange or .....etc how r u Jeff??
  • Forum Thread: Document .Net API

    Hi i am create custome entity .net api and then i create tab "Document" and System Act: librarylist but it back for me all document when add new document and its go out entity how can i add document tab ??? thanks
  • Forum Thread: Disturbing Problem URL REWRITE ERROR

    URL REWRITE ERROR each time when i see this error i am pray for the god to help me :( i tried all solutions here in community but not solved yet when i go to log file in setup directory for CRM i found this Line ERROR: Sdata URL not working. http://localhost/sdata/crmj/sagecrm...
  • Forum Thread: Put Panels beside each other

    Hi how can i put 2 panels beside each other????
  • Forum Thread: alignment from left to right?????

    Dears, How can i make sage crm alignment from left to right permanent coz when i convert it to left to right alignment when i logged it auto convert from right to left IE 9 :/
  • Forum Thread: Dashboard Error Solution

    try this to solve this problem its one of many solutions 1-enter this link to browser C:\Program Files\Sage\CRM\Services\IISUtils\CRMRewriter\Default.aspx if 404 error or 500 apear you must go cmd and run it as administrator the write this command %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319...
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM SP2 Setup ?????????

    Hi all i try to install sage crm sp2 setup from the community like the figure attached but its give me sage crmsp2 hotfix 3
  • Forum Thread: Escalation .Net

    hi please how i can solve Escalation for .Net when select it please check the attached picture
  • Forum Thread: WorkFlow not working

    Hi i am built workflow and the write the following code in summary .net page base .UseWorkflow = true ; base .AddWorkflowButtons( "Lease" ); but the workflow buttons not appear and when try to see the workflowid in the custome entity table there is nothing (Null ) value any solution...
  • Forum Thread: Get Value in server side from client side ????

    Hi all, i have this case please help me when i change field value i want to get value from server (in onchange script of field i want to bring value from server side) i have field called unit ,when i select unit i want to bring value of another field in another table and put it in field any...
  • Forum Thread: ImpersonateLoggedOnUser2 failed 5

    OMG anybody have solution for this error or i am the first one how catch it :( this error happened when i move stage in WorkFlow
  • Forum Thread: Read only / Disabled Field change value ??????????

    hi all i tried to change readonly or disabled field value this what i do 1- i made Remaining amount Read Only and put onchange script on paid amount when change it will subtract the payment amount - paid amount and the result put it in readonly field (Remaining amount ) but it dosnt work I try hiddenField...
  • Forum Thread: add value to readonly fied ????

    Please answer how can i add value to read only field and put the value in read only field ??????????????
  • Forum Thread: Hide fields based off selected from a dropdown. Cases

    Hi I have the need to hide a number of fields based off what is selected from a drop down list on a field in the same screen. i've used a bit of Java that works in the Onchange script: if(Values('case_productarea')=='QC29') { hidden = true; } else { hidden = false;...
  • Wiki Page: 605-16733 - New case for custom entity not linked

    Summary: Create a new Entity, for example Project, using the Advanced Customization Wizard. In the context of a Project record, click New Case from the right hand-side tab. On the Case entry screen the Project field is not auto-populated. The Project field should be auto populated. Once the case is saved...
  • Wiki Page: 605-16651 - Dropdown list not showing all users when trying to reassign case in new tab

    Summary: Dropdown list not showing all users when trying to reassign case in new tab. Symptoms: This happens in Chrome and Firefox. When CTRL + click is pressed on a case in waiting, and reassign is clicked in the workflow of the new tab, the drop down menu for users is not showing all users. Workaround...
  • Wiki Page: 492-16281 - HOWTO: Creating a Business Calendar for a 24-hour work day

    Summary: The customer had set up a business calendar and default SLA, but were finding that the Duration value in the Tracking tab was showing unexpected values. Symptoms: In this case, the customer had entered a workday running from 12:00AM (midnight) to 12:00PM (midday), when a 24 hour workday was...
  • Wiki Page: 660-17448 - User with limited rights can't see some cases

    Summary: This is an issue where a person can be assigned to a case that relates to a company they do not have visibility on. Symptoms: When a case for a company is assigned to a user that does not have rights to view that company - they cannot see the case. Resolution: Workaround: PLEASE NOTE: This will...
  • Wiki Page: 632-17647 - The Case progress tracking note field is limited to 250 characters in Chrome and Firefox

    Summary: There is an issue in Sage CRM 7.1 where the case progress tracking note is limited to 250 characters in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In Sage CRM 7.2 the limit on this field is 1000 characters. Resolution: There is a workaorund for this issue in Sage CRM 7.1: 1. Navigate to Administration...