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  • Wiki Page: 536-17314 - .NET API: Writing binary data to a CRM webpage

    Summary: A customer had a requirement to use the .NET API to write binary data to the outputstream. Their exact requirment was to use the .NET API to create a PDF file on the server, then embed the file in a CRM screen. the following shows a method for creating a PDF file in CRM's library, then embedding...
  • Wiki Page: 492-17332 - Dll file not found error although dll file exists.

    Summary: Compiling a DLL created using the .NET API as a 64-bit Dll may result in it not being found by Sage CRM. Symptoms: On calling the DLL, the following error message may be displayed: File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRM\CustomDotNet\CustomDotNet.dll An error has occurred in a CRM...
  • Wiki Page: 536-17333 - How To: Debug .Net dlls with Visual Studio

    Summary: If you're using Visual Studio to write custom .Net dlls using the .Net api for CRM and you need to debug your code by setting breakpoints you can follow the instructions here to attach your debugger to the IIS process: