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  • Blog Post: The Journal Table

    I was tempted to start a new series of articles called " Mysterious Tables of Sage CRM " but since this is supposed to be a sensible library of "Hints, Tips and Tricks" I have resisted. Nevertheless, there are a few tables in the Sage CRM database that whose purpose may be obscure...
  • Blog Post: Connecting to an External ODBC database e.g. Sage 100cloud

    I needed to establish a connection to the Sage 100cloud database to allow me to check details about a customer record within the integrated system. A direct connection to an ODBC database is a very useful way to allow realtime queries to be run against the ERP data from within the Sage CRM interface...
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  • Forum Thread: ERP Integration

    I have installed Sage CRM 7.0 and Sage Accpac ERP 6.0. I have installed the Integration components. When I am trying to synchronise, it giving me an error as attached. I tried changing passwords of Administrator in ERP and CRM(Accpac Login) but still the issue persists.
  • Forum Thread: Disturbing Problem URL REWRITE ERROR

    URL REWRITE ERROR each time when i see this error i am pray for the god to help me :( i tried all solutions here in community but not solved yet when i go to log file in setup directory for CRM i found this Line ERROR: Sdata URL not working. http://localhost/sdata/crmj/sagecrm...
  • Forum Thread: Enter Quote, and Get Logged Off CRM (MAS integration)

    Hi, Our setup: MAS server - Sage ERP MAS 200 (Version CRM Server - Version 7.1.d.4 S Both systems are domain joined. When users try to create a quote via right click New --> quote, they are immediately logged out of CRM. A popup window shows up allowing them to enter in...
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM

    Hi everyone, I new here. Sage CRM is good to change in career profile. i'm having 3 years of exp in ASP.NET (C#). please help me with this With Regards Prakash
  • Forum Thread: alignment from left to right?????

    Dears, How can i make sage crm alignment from left to right permanent coz when i convert it to left to right alignment when i logged it auto convert from right to left IE 9 :/
  • Forum Reply: Re: DropDowns sunch in CRM 7 with ERP 5.6

    Hi Dinesh, Thanks for your feedback. Well My Transalation enteries were exactly like yours. And apparently they are just caption transalation and not entity/table names. I later went to Administration > Customization > Company comp_idgrp is of a Selection Type , However Tax_idgrp...
  • Forum Thread: Put Panels beside each other

    Hi how can i put 2 panels beside each other????
  • Forum Thread: Integration du module Sage 100 Trading dans Sage CRM i7

    Bonjour, J'ai besoin de realiser une integration de Sage 100 Trading version 1.9 dans Sage CRM i7. A chaque fois j'obtiens l'erreur suivante: Echec de connexion au système ERP avec ce code et ce mot de passe.Configuration locale du webservice non valide ! Que dois-je faire...
  • Forum Thread: Imports Sage Accpac Customers

    Hi , Can I constrain Accpac Customers when imports it from CRM? Ex: Get all customers from Accpac who is Group Code = 100. Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Integration accpac????????

    i want to make intgration for .net system with accpac 5.5 when i start recording option and go to recipt screen if the item serial i try to enter serials put the recorder cant record serial ????? can any one help me by give me view name or any other help????????
  • Forum Thread: Chart Duplication

    hi all, this chart give me duplicate data i cant solve it any help ???????????and the code shown var strSQL = "select count(mesh_membershipid) as 'mycount', 'Class 1000' as 'mytype' from membership where mesh_class=0 union select count(mesh_membershipid) as 'mycount'...
  • Forum Thread: Access base Field .NET

    I have the base screen in .net sage crm how can i access the field in the screen???????????? and give it caption or onchange or .....etc how r u Jeff??
  • Forum Thread: Document .Net API

    Hi i am create custome entity .net api and then i create tab "Document" and System Act: librarylist but it back for me all document when add new document and its go out entity how can i add document tab ??? thanks
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM SP2 Setup ?????????

    Hi all i try to install sage crm sp2 setup from the community like the figure attached but its give me sage crmsp2 hotfix 3
  • Forum Thread: Escalation .Net

    hi please how i can solve Escalation for .Net when select it please check the attached picture
  • Forum Thread: WorkFlow not working

    Hi i am built workflow and the write the following code in summary .net page base .UseWorkflow = true ; base .AddWorkflowButtons( "Lease" ); but the workflow buttons not appear and when try to see the workflowid in the custome entity table there is nothing (Null ) value any solution...
  • Wiki Page: 636-17026 - An error occurred when attempting to process the Gadget

    Summary: Sdata gadget not working in Sage 300 ERP integration when used for company information. Symptoms: When creating a new gadget based on a sdata list(Sage CRM sdata feed) and using the company entity the user recieves the following error message: "An error occurred when attempting to process...
  • Blog Post: Using customer relationship data to attract new business

    Running a successful construction company requires understanding the importance of relationships and how those interactions drive new business. In fact, for most contractors, the largest source of revenue comes from repeat business and referrals. With the right information technology (IT), business leaders...
  • Media: Sage CRM eBook: Extending the power of CRM across your business

    Extending the power of CRM across your business: Why businesses are prioritizing an integrated CRM and ERP solution Our customers around the world have been telling us about the many benefits their businesses experience with an integrated CRM and ERP solution. We created this eBook in order to bring...
  • Forum Thread: Phantom duplicates

    "Phantom" duplicates in system Thread created by Debbie Has anyone heard of duplicates being generated in CRM based upon the following (or similar) scenario. Sage CRM 7.1 is integrated with Sage 100 Advanced ERP 2013. When we run a find, we get results that include some duplicates of...
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