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  • Wiki Page: 536-16681 - E-Marketing Account Disabled

    Summary: An error may appear in a blue notification bar when navigating to the E-Marketing tab in Sage CRM: Your Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM is disabled. To re-enable your account please contact your system administrator Assuming that your account is enabled, the issue may be caused by an incorrect...
  • Wiki Page: 536-17174 - E-marketing, how does it determine that a mail has been opened?

    Summary: How does the Sage E-Marketing feature determine that a mail has been opened? Resolution: Each of the email templates that you create or choose are stored on the Swiftpage server. On each of these templates, Swiftpage embeds a tiny 1x1 pixel image that’s stored on their server. Each time...
  • Wiki Page: 536-17505 - Preview Recipients in Sage CRM emarketing and static group issue

    Summary: When you use a static group with some records excluded as the group to base your E-marketing email on and then click on "Preview Recipients", the excluded records appear on the recepients preview list. Resolution: This issue has been resolved in Sage CRM 7.2F