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  • Media: Sage CRM 7.2 What's New Presentation

    Overview of the latest features in Sage CRM 7.2. Sage CRM 7.2 delivers a host of exciting new features and enhancements that help you leverage the latest trends in mobility, Social CRM, and business collaboration. Smarter reporting is now possible with the help of enhanced features built to...
  • Media: Sage CRM 7.2 Release Preview

    Sage CRM 7.2 release preview.
  • Media: CloudCall Click for Sage CRM

    Make calls and replay conversations directly from Sage CRM SYNETY CloudCall Click transforms your CRM into a powerful communications system using state of the art Cloud technologies. CloudCall Click provides Sage CRM customers with improved productivity for their sales and support teams by allowing...
  • Media: Sage CRM 7.2 Data Model (ZIP)

    PDF and Readme for Sage CRM 7.2 Data Model. If you have any queries about this data model, please email .
  • Forum Thread: Does Sage CRM 7.2 support integration with Accpac 6?

    Does Sage CRM 7.2 support integration with Accpac 6?
  • Forum Thread: Using fusion charts to replace API Flash Charts

    Our Financial Controller is a big fan of Stacked Bar charts, which causes me a problem on our custom asp fees tab, as through the API we don't get access to this chart type . Through the Flash Charts however, we do, in this article by the great Jeff Richards we can see how to implement a client side...
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM 7.2 Developer Guide Needed

    Hi, Does anyone know when the Sage CRM 7.2 Developer Guide will be available?
  • Media: Sage Social CRM Datasheet 2013 (UK) - updated 23/12/2013

    This datasheet has been updated to reflect the addition of Sage CRM for Facebook as part of the Sage CRM 7.2 release. It covers our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Yammer features. Updated 23/12/2013.
  • Media: Sage CRM Sales Tracker for Windows 8 (UK) - updated 23/12/2013

    This datasheet outlines the key features of the Sage CRM Sales Tracker App for Windows 8 tablet devices and desktops. Updated 23/12/2013
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  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM 7.2 - Mail Merge in Opportunity Entity - Fields Not working

    Hi All, Experiencing a problem Mail Merge in Opportunity Entity not pulling through fields from CRM. Custom fields loaded in Opportunity View and appear in the dropdown list to create a new template, however standard and custom fields do not work. document is created but only displays the field...
  • Media: Why Upgrade to Sage CRM 7.3

    What upgrade to Sage CRM 7.2 to Sage CRM 7.3.
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM Sales Lite app

    We have installed the Sales Lite component into CRM but are getting an error when trying to log in, it says "Please check the username and password you entered are correct." We are able to log in with the same credentials via Safari on the device and it seems to function properly that way....
  • Forum Thread: CRM mapping component using addr_state code instead of translation

    Hi Guys, I installed Sage's mapping component and found that it searches for the code of addr_state field instead of the translation. e.g. Code Westerncape = translation Western Cape. The component will look for westerncape which is is incorrect. It should be looking for Western Cape (2 words)...
  • Forum Thread: Sdata error when pulling info from Sage ERP 2014 onto the dashboard

    We have Sage CRM 7.2 latest version and ERP 2014. We have multiple databases in ERP. When adding an Sdata template in CRM on the interactive dashboard it works for 2 of our ERP databases but not for the 3rd database. When i try to add an Sdata template gadget for the 3rd database i get to step 2 of...
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM Currency Rates Add On Not Working

    Hi All, Experiencing a problem with the Currency Rates Add on. Was working perfectly, No changes to the environment. but now returns a Server Error - 500 - Internal Server Error when i try to Update Rates. Reinstalled the component and still the same. The has discontinued...
  • Forum Thread: Interactive Dashboards

    I am trying to assign interactive dashboards to users within the system and am having trouble visibly showing the data unless the User has unresticted access to all company teams. When a user trys to access the dashboard is advises there is an error and does not show any information also they cannot...
  • Forum Thread: Component script function TableExists

    Hi @all, in component scripts you can use the function TableExists(%Tablename%) which returns true, if the table exists in Custom_Tables. When I run this function with the name of a custom table (e.g. TableExists('My_Own_Table')), it returns false although there is an entry for My_Own_Table...