I would be prepared to wager a small amount that everyone in this community has got an email address, a website and their company has a professionally designed logo. All these are elements of the identity of your company and part of the way in which you build confidence and trust with other members of the community.

The community site and ecosystem is becoming the main information exchange for Sage CRM, therefore it makes sound business sense to try and maximise the opportunities that the ecosystem provides to advertise your brand and your organisation.

There are a number of ways that you can do this.

  • If you have a product that extends Sage CRM, make sure it is advertised and listed in the Apps & Extras section.
  • Set your Profile information, your Avatar image and your signature.
  • Be active, contribute and share your knowledge
    • Post Questions and Answers in the Forums
    • Share Comments on Blog Articles
    • Write and submit blog articles to the editorial team

If you have created an add-on for Sage CRM and you are a member of the Developer Program, then please contact the editiorial team at sagecrmteam@sage.com with details of your add-on. If you have an article, a success story or case study that you would like share with the community and wish to have published in one of the blogs then do contact the editorial team. 

However, the action I would really like you to take after reading this article is to make sure that you have completed your profile and personal settings. These little steps of making sure that you have used a company logo or your photo as your Avatar helps build a recognisable identity within the community. You can also make sure that you have used the signature feature so that every post you make includes your company details.

These features are controlled through the Settings and Profile options at the top of the page.

The quickest way is to click the Profile option and set your Avatar. 

Ideally images should be 79x79 pixels.  

There are a growing number of community members who are making good use of their avatars.   

But I wonder whether you knew that you could add even more information into your signatures?

Within the Settings>Site Options tab, you can create a rich text signature that can include an image or even embed a movie.  The more you contribute to the community by answering posts or asking questions, then the more your avatar and your signature will be seen by customers and partners alike.  This is a great way of building your brand within the whole Sage CRM community.

But I think I have said enough. I should sign off now.