There are plenty of options available when searching for articles, blog posts, downloadable files, product documentation, forum posts or any of the other resources on this site. This diagram should help you get started. You'll find more about each of the search tools below.


Site Search

Located in the top right hand corner of every screen, this search box uses Google as the indexing engine and returns results from everything that is publicly available on the site including:

  • Pages in the "About Sage CRM" and "On-Demand CRM" sections
  • Publicly available blogs and posts from the Sage CRM User Community and Partner Community
  • Add-ons from the App & Extras section
  • The User Help, System Administrator Help and Developer Help

Community Search

The Community Search box can be found on the right hand side of the page in the User Community and Partner Community sections, or by going directly to the search page

This search only returns results from:

  • Partner Community Blogs, Forums and File Galleries
  • User Community Blogs, Forums and File Galleries
  • The Apps & Extras section (for Sage CRM Add-Ons)

However it will return all results that you have permission to see based on your user login, including restricted items. For example, if you have "Developer Program" access, then this search will return results from forums and file galleries that are unavailable to other users.

By clicking "more options" you can filter the results by type (for example Blogs only) or by date.


Searching for Sage CRM Add-Ons

There is a search box in the Apps & Extras section that you can use to find a Sage CRM add-on. The scope of this search is limited to the Apps & Extra section only. Add-ons will also appear in the results of the Site Search and the Community Search.


Searching Sage CRM Product Help

This article will give you an overview of the Sage CRM product help that is available here.