We are a global community and the range of accounting and business management systems with which we work is very diverse.  Sage CRM integrates with many systems developed by Sage in North America and Europe which are sold through out the world. This means that it is very important, when posting a question into the forums, you state clearly the configuration of your system.   In order to get the best answers and to cut down possible points of confusion please make sure that you include the integration details in your posts.

Only a brief mention is needed, for example

  • "I am working with Sage CRM integrated with Sage 300cloud"
  • "I have a question about order entry in Sage 100cloud (North America)"
  • "I use Sage CRM as part of Sage 200cloud (UK)"

Letting the reader of your post know which accounting system (if any) is involved is very valuable.  Each integration can use different tricks and use the features of Sage CRM in very different ways.    So the issues that might occur in a Sage 100cloud (North America) integrated Sage CRM install will be different to the issues that may occur in a Sage 100cloud (Germany) or Sage 200cloud (UK) system as they integrate in different ways.

Where you are having a difficulty with an error message or where you think a screen or feature is behaving strangely it is also helpful to include your version and patch number.  And please don't be shy about including operating system and database details either as all this information is useful for other community members so that they can help you.