With more than 25 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month on Facebook alone*, the breadth and wealth of information available to users of social media is staggering and often challenging, as we each attempt to identify valuable resources from seemingly endless channels. Like anyone else who has dabbled in social media for personal use, it is easy to assume a passive role by simply commenting on friends’ Facebook posts, following popular trends on Twitter or viewing the latest viral video on YouTube. The challenge for business users however, is to be proactive in targeting the most relevant information and sharing this with anyone who chooses to ‘Like’, follow or subscribe to your corporate social media channel(s).

In March 2010 we launched the Sage CRM Ecosystem, with the objective of engaging with our customers and stakeholders and providing a platform where we can share new developments quickly and effectively. This was further enhanced with the launch of the Sage CRM Facebook and Twitter pages, followed by the launch of the Sage CRM YouTube channel. In December 2010 we extended our online reach with an official Sage CRM group on LinkedIn, so in the space of just 9 months we have embraced social media to enable us to communicate more effectively with you our users and hopefully deliver an enhanced customer experience. Across each of our channels, we aim to provide you with the most up-to-date information on Sage CRM, as quickly as possible. The links below will direct you to each of the Sage CRM social media channels, and summarise what you can expect to find, to help you get the most from Sage CRM. So why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter, participate in our LinkedIn group, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to extend and share your knowledge of Sage CRM and become part of our growing Community. If you require additional information about our social media channels or would like to contact us regarding any other issue, please send an email to SageCRMTeam@sage.com.

Facebook: Become a fan of Sage CRM and review information on training, review the latest Sage CRM Community blog posts and view video content.

Twitter: Follow us on Twitter to see instant updates on Sage CRM, either from our main office or when we are attending events globally, and view material gathered from the web which may be of interest.

LinkedIn: Join the Sage CRM (Official) LinkedIn group and engage with industry experts to discuss best practice use of Sage CRM.

YouTube: View all our video material on the Sage CRM YouTube channel, including demos of the Sage CRM for iPhone Beta add-on, the Sage CRM Overview video and watch how Sage CRM can help your business with Bob and Buddy!

* Source: Facebook, 2010