Working to Resolve Blank Forum Posts using Internet Explorer 9

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Working to Resolve Blank Forum Posts using Internet Explorer 9

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Here on the Sage CRM Community team, our aim is to ensure you have a good experience of the community and that you can engage easily with your fellow community members.

We understand that, recently, a few of you have been experiencing difficulties when you try to create a forum post. The issue for some people is that when you click New Post, input your content and click Submit, the content is being deleted and your post appears blank. You are then forced to enter a second post in your forum thread, in order for your content to appear.

This is happening to those of you who are using Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). This is related to a known issue with the Community Platform and the new version of Internet Explorer. We are currently testing a HotFix in our staging environment which will address this issue for all users. It will be ready to push live once testing has been completed. Please bear with us while we complete this work.

In the meantime, we would advise you to use Internet Explorer 9 in Compatibility Mode or use an alternative browser for posting to the forums, if this is feasible.

To switch on Compatibility Mode in IE9, click on the un-highlighted Compatibility View icon button. (See icon and screenshot below).



The page will now reload with Compatibility View turned on and you will be able to post as normal.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in the Sage CRM Community


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Online Community and Website Manager | Sage CRM

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  • Yeah, i had this problem too and was upset about loosing all my text. Hope you will fix it for the future.

  • The ADD A FRIEND Feature is not working either - it does the same thing - acts like you did not enter anything and will not accept the request.