You know how it goes – you have an idea for a blog article and it gets you thinking… before you know it, the original idea has splintered into multiple lines of inquiry, which you follow-up and research in the quest to write a well-crafted collection of insights of interest to the community you are writing in.

Then three months go by and you still haven’t posted it because it’s not coming together in quite such a well-crafted way as you had hoped.

How to unblock the blogger’s block?

  1. How about tweeting (#SageCRM) on the topic first/instead? The perfect outlet for short bursts of raw thought.
  2.  Set yourself a time limit. A 50-minute Dublin to London flight. Touch-down is pens down.
  3. If it’s such hard work, maybe you’re off topic? Switch to something you know about and worry less about whether it is of interest to others.
  4. Share the journey. The route you took to write the blog, the “why”, can be as interesting as the “what”.

And that’s touch-down.

Here's an example of a blog I drafted for this article, proof that I adhered to point 2 above!

Example of a draft blog

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