It is so useful to be able to add images to forum posts.  As the saying goes "A picture paints a thousand words".

When creating a new forum post you should be presented with a screen that look like this:

To create add an image, click on the Insert Image button.  You can then select an image which is either on the local hard drive or from an URL.

The images can be screen shots in any graphical format such as png, jpg or gif.

Note:  Your image has to be under 64KB.

The images will be stored with the forum post when the save button is clicked.

Adding Images to a Forum Reply

If you post questions into the forums occasionally you may be asked to provide a screen shot.

In an existing forum thread you will not see the Insert Image button by default.  In order to show this button you will need to click the Use rich formatting link.

Once that is clicked you will see the option to add the images you need.