How to Sync Additional CRM Appointment/Task Details to Outlook Appointment/Task

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How to Sync Additional CRM Appointment/Task Details to Outlook Appointment/Task

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Here is a feature that I think you will find useful. It can help you to sync more fields from the Company/Person/Address entities of the CRM Appointment/Task to the Outlook Appointment/Task body.

Below is an example of how you could acheive this.

Adding the pers_emailaddress to the Outlook Appointment body and similarly you can also add other fields from three different entities (Company/Account/Person/Address).

Go to :

Administration  -- Customization -- Translations - Caption Code: OTL_AppointmentDetails -- US/UK/FR/DE/ Translation :  Person Email address: <pers_emailaddress> under the Person tag <Person>( for Appointments)

Administration -- Customization -- Translations - Caption Code: OTL_TaskDetails -- US/UK/FR/DE/ Translation :  Person Email address: <pers_emailaddress>  under the <Person> tag  ( for Task)

Click on Change, under the Translation field and add the field names according to their entity tags and save it.

For example, I have added a person email (pers_emailaddress) under the Person entity, highlighted in red below.

Note the person's email address in the CRM Person record:

Appointment created for the same person and company in CRM.

After performing the Sync from CRM to Outlook, the person's email address appears in the Outlook Appointment body.

Hope this post helps you and if you have any issues please write back!

  • And how could I sync into the outlook field "Location"? This would be very helpful.



  • Hi Hauser,

    This only applies for the fields coming from the CRM to the outlook and there is no Location field in the CRM communication entity. There are already few enhancement request to have location field sync between Outlook and CRM



  • Hi,

    Is there any possibility to add fields from the communication entity itself to the Outlook body meeting? I would (for example) being able to sync the field comm_priority to the Outlook email body. Is this possible?


  • Hello Awas,

    Is there a possibility to add Fields from the Lead Entity?

    This would be very helpful since there is no further Information in Lead Appointments,

    and you can't see who you have an appointnemt with.


    Jan Philipp

  • Hi,

    The "regarding" information of the communication is missing.

    Does anyone know how to add it in the outlook appointments details?




  • Hi All,

    It appears the fields available are limited, is this using a specific view?

    Is it possible to add the Business mobile to the sync'd details?



  • Is it possible to amend this to show the company address rather than the person address?  If no person has been linked to the communication then the address fields do not get populated in the "crm detail" section.