Filing an Email from Outlook to lead Entity (Communication)

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Filing an Email from Outlook to lead Entity (Communication)

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Hi All,

Here I am demonstrating a little workaround for filing an email from Outlook to Lead (communication) in CRM using CRM Outlook plugin with the following steps.

First change the Lead Field type in the Administration --> Customisation  --> Communication  --> Fields --> from integer type to Search Select Advance field and add the correct field values as shown on the screen below.

1. Communication  Fields --> Lead (comm_leadid) --> Save the changes.

2.  Go to Screens tabs (communication -->  Screens), Open the Comm Web picker screen and add Lead Id field (Comm_leadid) and save the screen.


3. Go to Outlook, log off from the CRM Outlook plugin if you are already logged in and log back in again to the CRM Outlook plugin.

    Select an email in Outlook --> Inbox --> click on File E-mail option in the CRM Outlook plugin tool bar.

4.   Select lead from the Lead Search Select Advance field on the email filing screen.

 5. Click on the File E-mail option.


6. Go the Lead --> Communication --> and verify that the email appears under the lead communication tab.

Note: Its highly recommend to first test this functionality on the test environment before doing this on production environment in case the Lead field does not appear on the email filing screen. Try again with Metadata refresh.



  • Using the 'Acceelrator for Sage CRM' will do this but also allow you to create a new lead based on an email and Tag the email (giving it the context of the Lead) so that when follow up lead emails are viewed you can see what lead they refer to (this works for all entities including custom ones) without having to read the email and search for the lead (context).

  • this is a great post awais, so essentially this can be extended to other  custom main entities such as case, quote, order, other custom main entity other than company and person

  • I'm guessing this is for SageCRM 7.0 200 only? Or just 200?

  • Can you please specify, where I can find this setting? How can I access the comm_edits Table, to mark the comm_leadid as a not system field?

  • Ok, now I know how to find it. It has got to be the custom_edits (not comm_edits) table in the database...

  • Oh.I have corrected now!This applies to Sage CRM 6.2 and 7.0 version regardless whether its sage 100/200/1000..If you dont see the comm_leadid in the communication fields then you have to make this field as not a system field in the custom_edits table.

  • What if Lead (comm_leadid) is not in your Communication Field list?  When I try to add it I get a message that it already exists.  I have looked in 3 different installs of CRM 7.0 SP1.

  • Hi Shauna, If you dont see the comm_leadid in the communication fields then you have to make this field as not a system field in the custom_edits table otherwise you wont see this in the fields list as this by default a hidden field.Run this query on the database and you will see that the colp_system=Y ..(Select colp_system, * from custom_edits where colp_colname='comm_leadid') . update this field under the custom_edit table by setting it to null and refresh CRM meta data.(update custom_edits set colp_system=null where colp_colname='comm_leadid') then It will appear on the communication entity field list the under the CRM UI.

  • Thanks for the tip Awais, it's working well for me.  However, I'd like to restrict the Lead field by the Company field.  If no Company is selected, show all Leads.  If a company is selected, only shows Leads which have linked to that Company.

    Also, if a Lead is chosen, and has linked company/person, set the Company and Person fields to this company & person.

    I've messed around with SearchSQL and Restrictor Field with no can I acheive this?

  • So I have tired this out with Sage CRM 7.3c1 and I got the Lead on the CommWebPicker but I am getting an err Target not defined when trying to save the email to file against the target.

  • We're on Sage 7.2e and works up until we try to file the email against the lead and we too get 'Target not Defined'

    Is there any fix for this? This is a piece of functionality we'd really like to get working if possible.


  • I've managed to add the option to the About list on the file email pop-up. I can see the communications in the database but they still don't show up on the communications tab of the Lead I have created.

    Is there any fix for this?