Creating the welcome e-mail for users imported via the Import Users wizard

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Creating the welcome e-mail for users imported via the Import Users wizard

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Sage CRM application administrators can add new users that exist in the Active Directory server by using the new "Import Users" wizard. This wizard can be accessed in the Administration->Users area by clicking the "Import Users" button. At the end of this wizard the Administrator can choose whether the imported user should receive a welcome e-mail by choosing the appropriate e-mail template. This can be done be checking the "Send welcome e-mail to new users" field in the last step of the wizard.




 This article will describe how to create a new welcome email that can be successfully used in the "Import Users"  wizard.

 In order to create a new e-mail template go to Administration->E-mail and Documents and click the "E-mail Templates" button. You can see that there is already a default e-mail template named     "Active Directory Welcome Email Template" that can be used in our wizard, however you can create a new one.

Click the "New" button and a new screen will appear which will allow you to create the new template.  



 This is a standard screen that allows you to create a new e-mail however you need to remember to set a couple of things.

First set the new name for this template and set the "For entity" field  to "ActiveDirectory". You can set the"from" field as well but if you choose to leave it unassigned then this field will be populated with the  e-mail of the user which executed the "Import Users" wizard.

Now you can set other e-mail related field like e-mail subject or e-mail content.

In the welcome e-mail you would probably like to send some extra information, which can be useful for imported user. That's why you can use a couple of new tokens in the e-mail content:

  • %CRMUserName% - which represents  imported user SageCRM name
  • %CRMLogin% - which represents  imported user SageCRM login
  • %CRMPassword% - which represents  imported user SageCRM new password
  • %CRMLink% - which represents  link to SageCRM application

 NOTE:  If the administrator chooses not to include a password in the e-mail (field "Include generated password in welcome e-mail ") then the token %CRMPassword% will be set to "<Password not available>".

NOTE:  It is a good idea to put the %CRMLink% token in source view as a link "<a href="%CRMLink%">%CRMLink%</a>" to get a link functionality in e-mail clients.


After everything is set you can save your brand new template and select it at the end of "Import Users" wizard.

NOTE:  Don't forget to set the outgoing mail server settings in Administration->E-mail and Documents->E-mail Configuration area. Without this setting sending e-mail will not work.

  • Hi Bart

    Great post. Here's the link to the settings for the welcome e-mail in the Import Users wizard:


  • Hi

    Are there any plans for  SageCRM to use the AD password for login? or was this done this way for security?


    David Hopwood