Sage CRM v7.1 is something of a game changer for marketing teams.  It offers integration with Sage E-marketing and so can provide a very sophisticated set of services to those engaged in e-mail based marketing communication to their customers and prospects.

Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM v7.1 includes attention-grabbing e-marketing templates, smart-sending features, automated drip marketing campaigns and the ability to track open, click and bounce rates all within Sage CRM.  Follow-up call lists can then be based on e-marketing responses, closing the loop between email marketing and telesales.

For more information you can download the fact sheet for Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM.

BUT what about those using an earlier version of Sage CRM or those who choose not to subscribe to Sage E-marketing?

Sage CRM's base marketing and E-mail capabilities can still be used very effectively.  Please see Edel Ledwith's article "Using Email Marketing to Generate Revenue".

There have been several articles written about the standard Mass E-mail capabilities and this article attempts to bring some of these together.

This article looks at how you can monitor the process of sending the emails from Sage CRM.

This articles looks at the challenges of working out whether standard emails have been read.

This article looks at which fields can be included in standard email templates.

Handling Email Opt Outs or 'Do Not Send' (DNS).

Please see the information in the User Guide on Adhering to Anti-Spam Regulation and Sending Mass E-mails.

A DNS (Do Not Send) is easy to use in Sage CRM.  The company and the person tables both contain fields to allow for mail opt outs.

  • comp_mailrestriction
  • pers_mailrestriction

These fields may not be visible in your Company and Person screens BUT your system administrator can easily add them into the screens.  Once they have been added in you can set the flag whether the contact should receive E-mail.  And if you want to distinguish between E-mail and postal mail opt-outs then you can add another field to hold that information, again easily.

BUT assuming that these fields are setup and that you have marked those contacts that have opted out of E-mails, then when you come to building the lists to use in the bulk emails it will be very easy exclude them.  The content of the fields can be included in the criteria of the search (query) that builds the Group (you may know this as Target List) to be used.  

Please see the article "Light up your E-marketing List" to see a discussion how an group for email can be built.

You can even change the underlying View that is used in the search so that you could never accidentally send an email to someone who has opted out.

Note:  In Sage CRM v7.1 which offers integration with Sage E-marketing (Swiftpage) this become even more sophisticated AND easier with the Opt-Outs fully managed by the software.