Following on from my blog about viewing the results of our E-marketing Campaign; now we look at how you can use those results to create a more targeted and effective marketing strategy.


We've already seen how we create an E-marketing Campaign and gotten our results back. So how do we use these results effectively?


Take for instance that you are responsible for marketing 3 products; Product A, Product B and Product C. You have a list of customers and you would like to find out what product, or indeed products, that they are interested in. You can send an initial E-marketing email to all of your customers within Sage CRM that has links to Product A, Product B and Product C contained within it. Now you are ready to leverage the power of Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM.

After the results of your initial E-marketing Email have synchronised back you will need to navigate to the Wave Activity Analysis Tab. Now open the Unique Clicks by Link analysis report. This analysis report displays a breakdown of every recipient that has clicked on any link within your E-marketing e-mail. Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM now allows you to filter this analysis so that you can create groups, or export the results, on a link by link breakdown. For example, in the scenario above I want to find out who is interested in each of my products. So to find out who is interested in product, I go to the filter box on the right hand side of the Unique Clicks by Link analysis screen.


In the Link field enter the url of the link to Product A (this is the url that you would have inserted into the initial E-marketing email) and click on the "Filter" button.


Now you will see a list of all of the recipients of your initial email that have clicked on the link to Product A. You now have a targeted list of customers that have displayed an active interest in your product. You can then save these customers as a group to use in a follow up E-marketing e-mail that focuses solely on Product A. Repeat the process for Products B and C and you have effectively segmented your initial customer group into 3 separate target lists. Also, the beauty of Sage CRM's dynamic group functionality means that even after you have created your segmented groups, should a recipient, who has not yet clicked on a specific product link, then subsequently click on the link they will automatically be added to the groups. The newly created groups will automatically be available to you to use within Sage CRM. You can use these groups in a follow up E-marketing email, an outbound telesales call or any other marketing activity.


You can filter the results from all of the analysis reports in any way you want. For example, you might want to create a group of recipients that opened the e-mail X amount of times, or maybe filter a list of recipients that both opened and clicked on the e-mail.


Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM also allows you to export the filtered and unfiltered lists to Excel and PDF, allowing greater flexibility when reporting on the success of your campaign or sharing your data with third parties.


So no more blindfold marketing... Now you can send customers information on products or services that they are actually interested in. You can then set-up sales calls in the knowledge that the customer has an interest in what you are selling. Now that's powerful!


No more wasting your time and theirs!