Video: Using RunBlock and Lists for Codeless Customization

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Video: Using RunBlock and Lists for Codeless Customization

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For more technical detail about using RunBlock for Codeless Customization in Sage CRM please see the following articles.

RunBlock is a technique that is also very import for easily customizing Sage CRM's iPhone interface.

Please see the articles



  • Jeff ...

    This video is very helpful.  My question is....Is this only for lists?  Or can I use the same concept for a screen?  We are not using "leads" in the traditional sense.  Therefore, in our setup we have a secondary entity called CHSleads.  This contains all the lead lead received date, intended move in date, intended start date, etc.  There are not a lot of fields on this table.  This design makes more sense when you move to the application stage and we have a secondary entity called CHSapplications.  These tables are one to one relationships to the Company table and we are considering them "extension" tables.  When I am on a Company, I want a tab for Lead Info and another tab for Application Info.

    I created the screens without any issues using runblock and I added a view.  Quick recap on that...

    Administration-->Customization-->CHSlead-->Views  (Created the view)

    Administration-->Customization-->CHSlead-->Screen  (Screen based on Associated View above)

    Administration-->Customization-->CHSlead-->Blocks  (Used the screen created above)

    Administration-->Customization-->Company-->Tabs (Used runblock referencing the block created above as Block Name)

    Based on what I have done, it seems like it should work.  However, when I go to the Company and click on the Lead Info tab, nothing displays in the fields.  My view is pretty simplistic.  Therefore, I am wondering if this should this work for screens but my view is not written correctly.  This is the view I wrote...

    CREATE VIEW vLeadInfoCompany


    SELECT Company.*, CHSlead.*

    FROM Company INNER JOIN CHSlead ON Company.Comp_CompanyId = CHSlead.led_companyid;

    Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

  • Hi Jeff,

    I'm a little bit confused because I strictly followed this video tutorial and it doesn't show any record although I have one quote in my crm.

    The only difference I can see is that I have a french version with Sage 100 ERP Integration that adds the account entity, and a link to the opportunity. Is that a problem of context ? Should I add any SQL Clause on the Quotes Tab in addition to the settings showed in this tutorial ?