Managing Opt Outs in Sage CRM v7.1

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Managing Opt Outs in Sage CRM v7.1

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In order to comply with anti-spam laws it is recommended that you use the ‘Opt out of E-marketing communications’ flag on your contact groups on any marketing e-mail sent from within Sage CRM v7.1.

This flag is automatically updated when a contact chooses to opt-out from an e-mail sent to them from Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM through the Swiftpage service. It is set for every contact in Sage CRM whose e-mail address matches the opt-out contact’s e-mail address. Any contact who has opted-out of an E-marketing communication through Swiftpage will automatically be added to an opt out list for the E-marketing account on Swiftpage and will not be included in any e-marketing e-mail sent from that account.

However, some care is needed if you intend to use Sage CRM’s other mass e-mail functionality for the purposes of sending marketing e-mails, or if you have existing opt out lists.

Here’s an example of how to create a ‘safe ’ group for using in e-marketing and/or mass marketing e-mails. 

To set up your groups for a marketing e-mail choose to create a dynamic group.

Then select the ‘Opt out of E-marketing communications’ column from the group entity table as Search Criteria when defining your group.

Select ‘Not Checked’ as the value.

NOTE: If you have existing opt out lists or receive opt out requests through another medium (other than Swiftpage) you will need to update the ‘Opt out of E-marketing communications’ flag manually in Sage CRM.

  • Hi Sean, great example with screenshots. Here's the User Help link on anti-spam regulation too:


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    I have question regarding the Opt out of E-marketing communications’ . Why the check box is under the text, I needed to be in front of the text. Can you help me please