Nurture your business this summer with Sage CRM v7.1 SP1 and drip marketing!

We are pleased to announce the release of Sage CRM v7.1 SP1 which incorporates the new drip marketing functionality. Drip marketing is a powerful new addition to the Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM connected service that allows sequential scheduling and tracking of e-marketing activities within a campaign. It is a very effective and affordable way of staying in touch with your customers and ensuring that you are focusing your marketing efforts on the products and services that cater to their needs.


Drip marketing will help you: 

- Improve marketing campaign management and decision making by focusing your efforts
- Automate your campaigns for greater delivery accuracy and decision making which will help you cultivate and grow your current customer base
- Establish contact and stay in touch with your prospects and customers in a highly effective and affordable manner
- Gain a competitive edge by communicating frequently with your customers. Sending out email communications to customers who have chosen to receive the content will ensure that your name is at the forefront of their minds
- Cater specifically to your customer’s needs and wants by knowing their interests
- Increase productivity by pre-configuring and automating your campaign


Drip marketing will allow you to:

- Set up a sequential series of stages for your e-marketing campaign activities to be carried out and schedule them to be sent out at a specific time and date
- Branch your options based on interactions from a previous stage to ensure that you focus your attention on what your contacts are really interested in. For example, only send the next email to those that opened and clicked on a link in the previous email
- Set up email notification reminders to ensure that you complete a required task before or after a stage or simply be notified that the stage has occurred
- Launch your drip marketing campaign and ensure your stages are automatically fired off and e-marketing blasts are delivered based on the time and date specified
- Watch the results propagate back into Sage CRM and truly measure your marketing activities and campaign effectiveness

Please contact your local Sage office or Sage CRM Business Partner for download details as well as release dates in your neighbourhood.