I'm sure many of you out there have been in this position: you craft a beautiful, logical, well thought through email which is due to be sent to a large stakeholder list. Then you hit send. After a few seconds you experience that moment we all dread - "did I forgot to attach the file?", or worse still, "did I forget to delete the sensitive information in the mail below which I've now forwarded!?"

As you can see, that's the best (and worst) thing about email: it's easy, it's efficient, it's scalable & it's instantaneous. Which is why we all must think carefully about why we send bulk email, to whom we send it, the message it is conveying & the outcome is that we wish to have. The potential reward of doing things right - winning new customers, retaining existing customers and ultimately building long-term customer loyalty - can have a dramatic impact on your business.

The key to achieving these goals, and getting the most out of electronic marketing for Sage CRM, is to focus on building an email marketing programme.

The first step is formulating an email marketing strategy according to company goals with measurable KPIs. In order to send relevant, desirable content to customers and prospects, you should then establish rules for segmenting your list. The second step is to focus on your design and layout, ensuring each section of your mail conforms to best-practice & makes its way into the recipient's mailbox. The third step is to consider how to grow and manage your list, refining it to ensure you speak to the correct targets & reduce the attrition rate. As time goes on, and you become more confident and experienced with email marketing, there will be an opportunity to increase campaign ROI by introducing automation, such as the drip marketing. The final step will be to analyse your campaign results, and make the necessary changes to ensure your email marketing programme is meeting your company goals.

Over this series, I will be covering each of the stages of the email marketing programme, which I hope will give guidance on best-practice & help you get the most out of email marketing with Sage CRM.

-= David

CRM Principal