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Sage CRM Customer Success Story Program

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Here at Sage CRM HQ we put customer experience at the heart of what we do and we believe that no-one can talk about Sage CRM better than our valued customers.

We often use video success stories to help showcase the benefits of Sage CRM and the unique ways in which Sage CRM has helped our customers and their businesses.

One example of this is the video success story we worked on with our customer American Pool Enterprises - a leader in pool construction, maintenance & repair and lifeguarding & recreational facility management. The video success story shows how American Pool Enterprises utilised Sage CRM to consolidate large volumes of important data, spread across many regional offices, allowing them to access data in real-time ensuring better business decisions and improved reporting. We have many other customer videos too. This mix of interviews and footage enables us to show how Sage CRM solutions help our customers and their business and positively promote both businesses in the market.

If you would like to participate in a video success story we would love to hear from you and work together on delivering an interesting story. If video's aren't your thing and you would prefer to be involved in a written success story then simply let us know.

How It Works

It's simple - just contact me directly by emailing or alternatively contact your Sage Business Partner and inform them of your interest in participating. We will work with the relevant people in your business, including the principal users of the Sage CRM solution, to build the story ensuring you have approval on the material at all stages of the process. Upon completion we will announce the success story to the user community, post it on our website, and also allow you to use the case study for your own marketing purposes.





  • American Pools is a firm believer in Sage CRM. They have used it to not only save money through centralizing systems but to create a streamlined operation. My team at Azamba worked closely with Karen to design and develop their impressive system.

    She really gets the idea of CRM and truly values the power of Sage CRM. I look forward to seeing other clients step forward and bring the Sage CRM love!

    Peter Wolf

    Azamba Consulting Group