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Mail Merge in Sage CRM

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In Sage CRM mail merge is a server-side process, which means, you do not need Microsoft Word installed on your client machine in order to perform a mail merge. Please note, however, that you will require Microsoft Word or another program that opens .DOC, .DOCX of PDF files in order to view and print merged documents.

The mail merge process is cross-browser compatible, which means you can perform mail merges when working with Sage CRM in Firefox and Chrome.

And it is possible to perform mail merges from newly created custom entities. The only prerequisite to be able to do this, is that the newly created entity (created using the Advanced Customization Wizard must have the Has Library and Has Communications check boxes selected).

You can create new HTML templates using Sage CRM's rich text editor. You can add images to these templates, but any images must be uploaded before you start to create your new template by using the Add Local Image / Template button on the Select or Create a New Template screen. This button can also be used to upload any Word templates you have created locally, which we'll get to shortly. 

The Insert Sage CRM Field drop-down list contains a list of Sage CRM merge fields that you can insert into your template. Mail merge templates are available to you only in the context with which they are associated. For example, only case templates are available in the case context. If you attempt to use a template outside of its context - for example a quotation mail merge template in the case context - none of the merge fields will convert successfully.

If creating a mail merge in the context of a Quote or Order, you will see an Insert Nested Region hyperlink. Clicking this link inserts the correct start and end tags for both the main table (Quotes or Orders) and the child table (Quote Items and Order Items).

The Merge and Continue button performs the mail merge, and brings you to a screen where you have the option of viewing the merged document or saving it as a communication.

You can click Preview Merge to see what your merged document is going to look like.

If you are working on a template that you have created yourself - or if you are a System Administrator - you will see a Save Template button, which enables you to save templates for personal use. You can upload these templates and have them shared by your system administrator by using the Add Local Image / Template button that we mentioned earlier.

On that note, you can continue to work with existing Microsoft Word templates, but you cannot edit them in Sage CRM. So if you want to create and share Microsoft Word templates, you will have to create them manually and then use the same button to upload them. Some more information on editing Word templates in Sage CRM is available here:

The Sage CRM merge fields are not available in Microsoft Word but you can insert them by clicking Quick Parts in the Text part of the Insert tab then selecting the Field option.

In the Field dialog box, select the MergeField option from the Field Names drop-down in the Please Choose A Field panel and type the Sage CRM merge field name in the Field Name field of the Field Properties panel.


It is important to remember that you can insert merge fields for the context from which you will be merging the document. So, although Person, Company, Address and user fields are common across all entities, a template containing both Quote and Case merge fields, for example, will return an error.

When you have saved your Word template, you can upload it for personal use, or ask your System Administrator to share it.

So that's an overview of the new mail merge functionality. We hope the added flexibility will make it easier for you to do your job!

  • Philip

    Can the administrator share the documents by territory rather than Teams?


  • Hi,

    I tried to add the case_description field in the vMaimergecase and merge the document.

    But the value return empty.

    In version 7.0, my mail merge which attach with workflow working fine. Recently ihave done upgrade to 7.1g, but all my mail merge value return empty.

    Anyone have any idea?