Email Marketing Analysis - Quick Refresher (1/2)

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Email Marketing Analysis - Quick Refresher (1/2)

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Hi there,

As mentioned in the previous blog, at this point in this series we are going to do a quick "refresher" on some of key messages around integrated email marketing, take a quick look at some key in-product screens before analysing the demo data.

Why integrated email marketing?

The strongest feature of Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM is the tight integration between the email marketing solution and the core CRM system. As mentioned in previous blogs, one of the major challenges facing businesses in the execution of a successful email marketing strategy is the ability to gather and centralise customer data. This is where the integrated proposition can allow you to add value to your campaigns.


CRM in itself acts as a central repository for customer information and communication history, covering multiple departmental areas (sales, marketing and customer service). This data can, within the system, be segmented, analysed and reported on to guide business decision.

The power of the integration with email marketing lies in the ability to form groups using this centralised data and on the basis of your own segmentation techniques. These groups can then be deployed within your own email marketing programmes and campaigns - in essence, your groups become your lists. As a result you will be in a position to get greater insight into your target segment, execute an effective campaign, and then channel the results back into CRM to enable follow-up actions by other teams. All of this is without ever having to leave the system!


A brief description of the Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM User Interface (UI)

Those of you who are already familiar with Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM may wish to skip this section. For those who are new to the solution, this is a simple overview of the key screens within the UI (the others are in the blog to follow).


E-marketing Entry Screen


The process of signing up for Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM is documented fully. Once you have signed up, clicking the “Marketing” (i) button on the left hand side will bring you to the marketing page, which includes the E-marketing tab button (ii). Here you will find your list of campaigns, and information on the current status, start/end dates along with actual cost. A sample campaign including demo data is included with the release for you to experiment with (iii).
Of particular interest to first time users would be the set of action buttons on the right hand side, which offer you an immediate opportunity to start a new campaign, a new automated “Drip Marketing” campaign or edit a new template. The filtering buttons above also allow you negotiate your list of campaigns with ease.
In the next blog we will look at the E-marketing Campaign Summary Screen, E-marketing Campaign Analysis Screen and Report Screen.
Good luck!


  • Very useful information about email marketing.These tips helps to improve your Sage E-marketing.