“There's no question; email remains the undisputed leader for marketing messages.”

The above quote, from the blog “Direct Marketing News” should come as little surprise – email is still, in 2015, the central part of our working lives (for better or for worse!). While the medium and technologies are evolving and advancing, from an SMB point of view email marketing is still used predominantly to carry out basic tasks, like sending out a monthly newsletter to existing customers. There is little evidence to suggest this is going to dramatically change in the year ahead.

We have included integration with one of the world’s leading email marketing platforms – MailChimp. This is in addition to the functionality already included in the product with our partners in Swiftpage.

Regardless of which solution you decide to use, it is important to understand how email marketing can benefit your business. This can be as simple as getting a few tips to improve open rates on your newsletters while avoiding the spam filters, or more advanced techniques, for example how to segment lists and implement various forms of automation*.

Back in 2012 I wrote a detailed blog series on email marketing for both new and existing users. Now is a good time to go back and see if there are any tips and tricks you can pick up to improve the performance of your campaigns.

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Good luck in 2015!


*N.B. these are examples, there will be other blogs and documentation available shortly that outline specifically what functionality is available with MailChimp.