Do you want to make the most out of your LinkedIn connections? Would you like to engage with your connections within your CRM solution? How about being able to manage all your customers in one central location?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ well then it’s time to get more social with Sage CRM . You can import data from a spreadsheet into Sage CRM but what about your LinkedIn Connections? Well you can do that too!

All you need to do is download a list of your LinkedIn connections and upload that list to your CRM.

To export your LinkedIn connections list:

  • Click on Connections at the top of your homepage and select Keep in Touch.
  • Click the Settings icon near the top right to reach the Contact Settings page.
  • Under Advanced Settings on the right, click Export LinkedIn Connections.
  • Select the file type and click Export.
  • Save the file (Microsoft Outlook .CSV file recommended)

Once you have your connections list, you then need to upload that to Sage CRM:

  • Click on the Avatar/Profile icon
  • Select Administration
  • Select Data Management on the left tab
  • Select Data Upload from the dropdown menu
  • Select from the list of ‘Data Upload’ options
  • Click on ‘New’, choose the file, add a description for the upload and save 

Whether your data is stored in spreadsheets, databases, online platforms, or other systems, you can now start importing your data into one place, your CRM. Benefits of uploading your data:

  • Keep track of all your customer information in one place
  • Quick and easy access to important information
  • Reduce complexity in the business
  • Avoid duplication of messages to customers
  • Scale your business – dispersed teams in multiple locations all working with the same information

You can watch the following videos for more information on uploading data to Sage CRM:

Performing a data upload

Preparing for your data upload