How to install and configure the Yammer Component for Sage CRM

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How to install and configure the Yammer Component for Sage CRM

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Updated: 9 June 2017

The instructions in this article apply to Sage CRM 2017 R3, 2017 R2, 2017 R1, and 7.3 with or without any SP.
We assume that you already have a Yammer account.

To install and configure the Yammer Component, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Register a Yammer app

For additional information, see Register an app with Yammer in the Yammer documentation.

  1. Log on to your Yammer account.

  2. In the top left part of the Yammer window, click the cog icon, and then click Apps:

  3. In the top right part of the App Directory page, click My Apps.

  4. Click Register New App.

  5. Fill in the required fields to register your app.
    In Redirect URI, enter the Sage CRM access URL in the format https://<Server IP Address>/<InstallName>

    For example:

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Take note of your app's Client ID, for example:

    You will need this client ID in Step 4: Add your app's client ID into the Yammer Component files.

Step 2: Specify JavaScript origins for your app

  1. Under My Apps, click Basic Info:

  2. In Javascript Origins, enter the Sage CRM access URL in the following formats:

    • http://<Server IP Address>/<InstallName>

    • http://<Server Name>/<InstallName>


  3. Click Save.

Step 3: Download and install the Yammer Component

  1. Download the Yammer Component.

  2. Upload and install the component in Sage CRM.
    For instructions, see Uploading and installing components in the System Administrator Help posted on the Sage CRM Help Center.

Step 4: Add your app's client ID into the Yammer Component files

In the following files on the Sage CRM server, replace all instances of the string YOUR-APP-CLIENT-ID with your app’s Client ID:

  • <Sage CRM installation folder>\WWWRoot\CustomPages\Yammer\lib\yammerInit.js

  • <Sage CRM installation folder>\WWWRoot\js\custom\YammerGadgetInit.js

The default Sage CRM installation folder is %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Sage\CRM\CRM.







Step 5: Log on to Yammer in Sage CRM

  1. Log on to Sage CRM.

  2. On the main menu, click My CRM | Yammer.

  3. If you're not logged on automatically, click Log in with Yammer to log on.
    During logon, you may be redirected to the Office 365 logon page.
  4. If prompted, allow to forward your credentials to the Yammer app.

    Once you log on, the contents of your Yammer account should display in My CRM | Yammer.

  • I'm trying this on a customer's site and get stuck at Step 2 as the 'Created Apps' option is not there on the ... menu in Yammer.  The customer is an administrator of their Yammer account.  Any advice?

  • Hi Karen,

    You can visit this link: or simply click on word 'here' in Once you login to your account click here or on the 3 dots besides Invite and select Created Apps.

    Let me know if you have any other questions

  • Hi Jacek,

    Thanks for responding.  We managed to get past the creating the App stage and the whole process worked on the customer's test system, but it's not working on their live system (having created a second Yammer App).  The difference between them is that the Yammer component was not previously installed on the test system.  We've re-downloaded and re-installed the Yammer component on the live system, but we still got the errors popping up, so I renamed the yammer files in the js folder and renamed the yammer folder under custom and reinstalled the component again (which recreated the files and folder), but the errors still occur.  Is there any way to fully uninstall Yammer so we can re-install it cleanly?

    Many thanks

  • Hi Karen,

    Yammer should work on systems with previous version of Yammer or without it - basically it is independent. Could you tell me what errors are you getting? Also, if you could, in Google Chrome, right click anywhere on the screen, select 'Inspect Element' and then click 'console' tab. In this tab, you should see few lines related to Yammer - could you copy and past them into your response please?

  • Hi Jacek,

    I logged back in to get the details you requested and it had started working!  We had done an IISReset which may be what helped, but why it didn't work immediately after this I don't know, but the good news is that all is now well, and many thanks for your assistance.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Karen,

    Great to hear that. I will double check if IIS reset is required as I might need to add this info to blog article.

    Best regards,


  • this integration steps mentioned work like a charm. would have loved the option of the yammer interface showing the ability of switching between networks just like how one has an option of switching between groups.

  • Hi Kannan,

    Thank you for you feedback. I've passed your comment to PM team.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Everyone,

    I have recently, i.e. as of today, 5 minutes ago tested this out.  In my testing localhost and any local machine name would NOT work with the above app settings.  We have had multiple partners test this and our Sage CRM Support team, all having the same issue.  

    The solution is that Sage CRM MUST be on a Public IP Address / full qualified domain name.  Once I used my Public IP Address assigned to my Virtual Image hosted in Skytap I was able to access the Yammer tab and login.  Up to this point our testing showed that the page just keeps trying to load i.e. redirect to Sage CRM after clicking on the yammer button and since localhost and local machines names are not valid across the internet the plugin was not working.  M url was http://pulic.ip.address/crm and this worked perfectly.  When I used http://win12svr/crm on the same machine and the same Sage CRM instance the Yammer plugin did NOT work. The only change I had to make was to the specific Redirect URL and the JavaScript Origins URL.

    I hope this helps!

    Rob Lawson

    Sage NA

  • We've just installed this in a clean 7.3 on prem install, only issues we had were related to some relative paths for css files (looking at web root for the lib folder not CustomPages/yammer), but easily fixed, however it doesn't seem to have the expected functionality.

    The Yammer Tab from MyCRM works fine, can post, and loads up the history

    The Tab from a Company allows you to post but is empty each time you load it, ie it doesn't load up any history, so you can't see any conversations tagged to that company (not much use)

    There are no other tabs, eg despite having the following ticked in Admin;

    Yam from Company context?

    Yam from Person context?

    Yam from Opportunity context?

    Yam from Case context?

    Yam from Communication context?

    Yam from Lead context?

    There is no Yammer tab against Person, Oppo, Case, Comm or Lead - is there something significant we're missing, I can't even see the relevant .asp pages for other entitites, unless all contained in yammer.asp or yammer_company_wall.asp?


  • the need for a public end point can be overcome with an option such as NGROK tool, which will give the redirect URL

  • ignore the earlier reply, NGROK based link only works in the browser, but it does not work on the yammer app registration process where it tunnels into the localhost.

  • Thank you Jacek for the useful information!!

    Keep up the good work my friend!!

  • I have followed all these steps in v2018 R2 and I'm getting "invalid client application" and the URL in the little window has "client_id=YOUR-APP-CLIENT-ID" at the end, even through I have gone through the config files mentioned above and given it my Client ID